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Dry Application Instructions
Bottom Hinge Method
1d, Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before applying your vinyl graphics.
2d, On a flat surface use a squeegee (or credit card) to wipe over the whole sheet (lots of pressure) to ensure that the application tape has adhered to the front of the vinyl.
3d, Accurately mark where the sign is to go, then tape the sign into position using small pieces of masking tape.
4d, Use wide masking tape to create a hinge with half the masking tape on bottom of the sign and the other half on the application surface. Squeegee the masking tape hinge firmly into position.
5d, To apply, lift the sign away from the surface and fold back on the hinge. Peel off the backing paper (exposing the vinyl adhesive) before starting at the bottom center to squeegee up and outwards towards each edge. For large pre-spaced signs do as above but slit between each letter so that every letter can be applied individually.
6d, Now carefully remove the application tape diagonally. Air bubbles can be removed by puncturing the bubble with a pin and squeegeing the trapped air towards and out of the puncture. Finally re-squeegee the sign again paying particular attention to the edges.
Wet Application Instructions
This method is used when applying large or multi-coloured signs and hepls greatly in the elimination of air bubbles. The application of a liquid to the adhesive forms a barrier, which temporarily neutralizes the adhesive and allows the vinyl to be repositioned several times.
1d, to 4d, as dry application method
5w, Make up a lukewarm solution of water and enzyme free washing up liquid, in the ratio of approx. 3 drops of soap to 1 pint of water.
6w, Lightly wet the substrate and the sticky side of the vinyl with the solution, best done with a hand spray.
7w, Starting at the bottom center squeegee up and outwards towards each edge or if no positioning masking tape was used the sign can then be floated into position. When correctly positioned dab the sign down to hold the sign in place. Now firmly squeegee the image working from the center outwards towards the edges. This should remove as much of the water solution as possible to enable adhesive action to commence. After allowing 30 to 60 minutes to pass (temperature dependant) re-squeegee the entire image to ensure maximum evacuation of the solution and thus maximum adhesion.
8w, Carefully remove the Application Tape diagonally ensuring that sufficient adhesion has been reached by the lettering. Finally re-squeegee over the entire sign again, paying particular attention to all leading edges.

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